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Wood Beaded Curtain 35.5" wide X 72" high - 31 Strands - Treda



A beautiful wood beaded door curtain consisting of small and chunky wood beads which are strung into a thread all by hand. This beaded curtain has 31 strands which are about 7/8" apart. You can use this beads as door beads on an existing door, or as a closet curtain, doorway curtain, gateway curtain, partition, window treatment or as an wall art.

This style is shorter than the other styles, which makes it a great choice for homes with young kids or pets, and for areas with higher traffic.

35.5" Wide X 72" High - 31 Strands - Strands are 7/8" apart.

Wood beaded curtains are very easy to install and can be simply relocated from one place to another. Each beaded curtain comes with two hooks already screwed into the curtain rod. You just need two nails and a hammer to the installation job!

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